Smart factories. Sustainable factories

Use data from within your factory or facility to deliver sustainable value!


What we do

Enabling smarter factories

Sensor variety

Whether it’s a piece of equipment or the environment you can use our extensive set of sensors to collect data!

Access anywhere

Know about your factory without being present. Access your data and its analytics on any device with connectivity.

End-to-End solution

We take care of the entire solution from hardware integration to software, analytics and alarms. One-stop solution for your smart factory.

Measured savings

Solutions to track your critical assets and process parameters to increase your savings.

AI/ML based solutions

Strong algorithms to detect issues in monitored values and alarm you much in advance!

Strong engineering team

Our team of process engineers, IoT engineers and energy auditors has deep domain understanding to build the right solution for you.


Why Sensomak

We are a technology-driven company focused on helping you unlock productivity through Digital Solutions.

Circuit board manufacturing

Our Clients

Trainer vector illustration


"We have used over 15 applications from Sensomak - we really like the speed of deployment, and we could get an entire pilot to project ready from idea stage to deployment in under a month."

Head of Mechanical
Large Textile Plant


"Sensomak solutions for water management including flow meters, level sensors and their software platform helped us identify multiple leakages and reduce our water consumption by over 15%."

Utility Head
Training Facility


"We detected vibration related failures after deploying their smart vibration sensors, which helped us in preventing costly downtime. "

Digitization Engineer
Large Refinery
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Make your data work for you.

Spreadsheets have limits!

Analysing breakdowns from manual logbooks and spreadsheets is time-consuming.

Our Digital Logbooks help you to analyse the complete history of your facility within minutes.


Would you like us to audit your factory?

Reach out to us for a free audit. Understand how industry experts can help solve your problem!

Factory with Piping


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