What we do

Sensomak is a technology-driven company!. We focus on helping your manufacturing and commercial facilities improve productivity and sustainability through digital solutions.

Our expertise working in the field and deep shop floor knowledge helps us understand the pain points facility managers and factories go through. We have designed our IoT Solutions and digital products to solve the common challenges faced by factories with respect to digitization.


Facilities have multiple use cases and dealing with different vendors for digitization for each application can be challenging.

Sensomak offers a wide variety of applications to ensure that for most digitization-related applications, we will have an offering for the same.

End to End Solutions

Facility owners have to deal with various stakeholders in a digitization solution –

  • Sensor manufacturer
  • Network provider
  • Integrator
  • Software platform provider and analytics providers.

We simplify the entire process for you by providing a complete end-to-end offering, which not only reduces the headache for users but also drastically lowers the time and cost.

Circuit board manufacturing

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