Water storage tank

Understand Your Water Consumption!

A large mining company in India used technology to track water balance in its facilities. The end-user was able to identify projects to reduce water consumption.

An appartment building

Conserve water with Technology!

A township in India wanted to reduce water loss caused by overflows. Learn how they saved 15,000 litres of water daily.

Is your fire hydrant being misused?

One of India's largest textile industries had trouble maintaining pressure in its fire hydrant lines. Learn how the pressure monitoring systems helped to track the misuse of fire hydrants.

Gears in a Box

High product defects in your production line?

Learn how machine learning and IoT systems helped a large auto manufacturer reduce production defects.


How important is Vibration Monitoring?

A large mining company saved $40,000 by installing vibration monitoring systems!

Piping inside a industry

Is your steam trap functioning?

Learn how steam trap monitoring helped a large process industry save 20,000 litres of water daily.

Thumb nail of digital twin

Digital Twins! A game changer in manufacturing.

Learn how digital twins helped a large textile industry improve its production!

Thumb nail of relative humidity case study

Why relative humidity is important in textile processing?

Learn how a textile industry reduced imperfections in the material by tracking relative humidity in their facility.

How IoT can optimize your air compressors?

Learn how IoT solutions helped a process industry improve its air compressor performance!

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