Problem statement

The company’s refractory faced regular¬† Machine breakdowns and production loss.

Solution Implemented

  • Installation of Battery-powered vibration monitoring nodes across 25 types of equipment inside the refractory.
  • Each module has the ability to transmit signals wirelessly
  • Real-time monitoring and alert systems were set up for the client.


  • The module detected an increase in vibration in a gearbox on Day-0 of the installation and notified the maintenance team.
  • Initial 7 days the maintenance team monitored the equipment and on day 15 maintenance was scheduled.
  • Due to timely notification, the client saved INR 15,00,000 in equipment costs ($19,000) and saved INR 20,00,000 ($25,000)¬† by avoiding production loss.
  • 10X Return Of Investment in just 2 months of Installation.
Vibration Sensor
Vibration sensor on one of the equipment

Data Dashboard

Vibration Sensor Dashboard Sensomak
Real time data from the equipments

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